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Welcome to the web home of Ruutikangas, Europe’s largest shooting range project!

Follow the process of the project and join in to help us build the first-rate shooting range of every shooter’s dreams!

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35 ranges for all shooting discipline, over 300 stands


Effective safety berms, barriers, and nettings


State-of-the-art lead recovery and noise reduction systems


Professional staff, 400-seat restaurant, ample parking

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Ruutikangas covers 92 hectares and boasts over 300 shooting stands on 35 ranges, restaurant with 400 seats, car park for 800 vehicles, and a helicopter field.

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Latest news

Oulun Seudun Ampumaurheilukeskus Ry has signed a contract for significant site preparation and earthworks for Ruutikangas Shooting Center. The site...

13Mar, 17
Website launch

    Our website has now been launched! Add to your bookmarks, join our mailing list, and follow us on Facebook...