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Ruutikangas sponsorship packages now available

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The Ruutikangas project offers many exciting possibilities for advertising and marketing your business. Gain positive visibility with 600 000 Finnish shooters and hunters while supporting the construction of Europe’s largest shooting range centre! Choose a sponsorship package, or look into the possibilities of tailor-made company packages below!

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reach an audience of tens of thousands through our website and social media channels
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Ruutikangas is one of the largest shooting range projects in the world: a state-of-the-art shooting centre covering 92 hectares and featuring state-of-the-art ranges. Ruutikangas will be built in the municipalities of Liminka and Lumijoki, near the city of Oulu, Finland. Once completed in 2019, the centre will provide facilities for all shooting disciplines, making it possible to organise large international competitions, all the way up to world championship events. Between competitions, the centre will provide high-quality practice facilities for all shooting enthusiasts.

The project is coordinated by Oulun seudun ampumaurheilukeskus (OSAK) ry, which will also run the centre once it has been completed. The OSAK association comprises the shooting, hunting, and reservist organisations of the Oulu region and has over 3000 members.

Area covers 92 hectares and boasts over 300 shooting stands on 35 ranges, restaurant with 400 seats, car park for 800 vehicles, and a helicopter field.

shotgun, 9 ranges (trap / skeet / compak)
sporting, 10 ranges
riistamaalirata, liikkuva maali, 4 rataa
moving target, 8 ranges
practical shooting stages, 25
rifle, 5 ranges, 50 - 600 meters, 185 lanes
pistol, 2 ranges, 80 lanes

The ranges feature state-of-the-art electronic scoring systems and lead recovery systems, as well as safety baffles, berms, and other safeguards that fulfil the strictest of standards. 

Tailor-made Sponsor Packages

Ruutikangas shooting centre offers versatile possibilities for sponsor partnerships. In addition to outdoor advertising and banners, your company can for example combine sponsoring with your own customer events , sponsor shooting events and competitions, or even rent and customise all advertising space in the centre. If you are interested in tailor-made marketing, please contact us by e-mail at , or use the contact form by clicking on the Contact Us! button below.

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