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Oulun Seudun Ampumaurheilukeskus ry.

Markku Halonen
+358 504 165 455
Administration; moving target
Timo Haataja
Press officer
+358 405 510 029
Publications and PR, customer and press relations, divisions, administration; shotgun
Tero Rantonen
+358 405 821 233
Monetary transactions, press relations; shotgun
Juha Meskus
+358 400 682 073
Divisions, administration, membership coordination; pistol and riffle


Ruutikangas is one of the largest shooting range projects in the world: a state-of-the-art shooting centre covering 92 hectares and featuring state-of-the-art ranges. Ruutikangas will be built in the municipalities of Liminka and Lumijoki, near the city of Oulu, Finland.


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Oulun Seudun Ampumaurheilukeskus ry, Haukkasuontie 23, 90450 Kempele, Finland

+358 405 510 029

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